Friday, April 14, 2006

Studying On The Road

Literally! This broke my heart. Promise!

We just came from a visit to the La Trinidad flower and strawberry farms and were driving our way back to Baguio City when I chanced upon this girl. I initially thought that was a Tagalog romance novel or a ‘songhits’ she was busy reading. Fortunately, my companions got attracted to the carrots in her stall. So we stopped and crossed the road (and I took this pic). When we got to her, she immediately closed the book and attended to my companions. I glanced and saw that it was a high school book on something like ‘social studies’ or something.

We asked if she was a student. She replied that in fact she was getting ready for an exam at 1 o’clock that afternoon. Just waiting for her mother to finish lunch so she could start off for school. Ah! It was exactly 12:12PM when I took this photo.

Oh well, the way it is to study in these our times…


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