Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Puerto Galera’s White Beach - Gay Capital of the Philippines?!

AMAZING must be the one word that most everyone (esp first-timers) can muster to describe the place. Compared to any other place in the country, I must say, this place is truly, yes, amazing! Some friends could only say: "ang saya-saya!"

I have visited this place in the late ‘80s but we stayed at a fine resort far from White Beach. We only visited White Beach during a quick day-tour. Thus, I may fairly say, I am new to this vacation spot.

Here are my notes on the recent sojourn:
We arrived on a Friday declared by the government as “holiday”. So we were in for a 3D2N visit. The boat’s arrival at White Beach felt like arriving at Boracay – boat hits smack to the sand, crew lays down a wooden plank, passengers disembark through the plank on to the beach and walk up to dry land where the resorts, restaurants, bars and stores are lined toe-on-toe. However, unlike in Boracay, as we disembarked, there were not so many people in the clear and really tempting blue-green waters. Probably because it was a sweltering noontime!

By purpose, we arrived at White Beach without reservations at all. We intended to experience how it was roaming and haggling for cheaper accommodations. And roam we did immediately upon arrival. It was a rather new experience walking the area with our bags trying to find rooms. Tiring – actually!

So we settled to a non-air-conditioned room in one of the residential houses that offer their rooms for a nominal fee than the resorts or hotels. We were even allowed to cook in their kitchen, use their utensils, and watch on their living room television!

Nothing is uncommon so far, right?! Yes, indeed!

What actually “striked” me was the people – the tourists and the residents alike, their activities and their manner of interaction. The place is blissfully gay!

As early as during the bus ride to Batangas, to inside the Batangas Pier and eventually during the boat ride to Puerto Galera, I already spotted quite a number of gays! Homosexuals if you will, yes! They were of different types – from the noisy and sashaying beauty parlor gays who dress like or even more than women, to the discreetly gay who were prim and proper, to the trying-to-be-macho gay with muscles bulging everywhere through their gym-fit shirts. At first, I did not entertain my amusement as to why I was encountering a lot of them gays. I just thought, well, this is a long weekend and all the folks (including gays) are trooping to the beaches. I did toy with the idea that with all these gays also trooping to Galera, the place must be really really cool gay. And I did allow myself to expect that the place will be fun, crazy, boisterous, hip, astig and of course sexxxxy! That added to my excitement.

I was wrong here in a sense that what I was hallucinating about was actually far below and way too simple than what really rocks in Puerto Galera!

By mid-afternoon, my gang (four of us, 2 guys & 2 gals) decided to comb the beach area. Now this was the big difference to Boracay! There were just too many people on the beach! I was like all of a sudden transported to Waikiki or Bondi Beach! The small strip of white sand beach (it’s only about 2 kms, I think) was teeming with people of all ages and all sorts of activities. It seemed like the three-letter word F-U-N was written all over the place. And the gay flock was not a minority here! They themselves were in the scene of all actions! Some were just strolling like us, some were just watching by the bars (man-hunting probably!), others were in a serious competition of beach volleyball, some were tanning, shopping at the stalls, having a “pictorial”, wading, swimming, eating, drinking and all sorts of vacation activities anyone can think of at Puerto Galera!

Night time was even a better high! And, I must admit, there’s nothing like this anywhere else in the whole archipelago!

After checking-out the choices, invariably sniffing at the barbecue smoke or watching the people eat, we settled at a restaurant/bar named White Beach “Something”! Pardon my crazy memory for forgetting that “something” especially that almost every establishment’s name starts with yes, “white beach”!

Anyway, if you were strolling on the beach, the bar is kind of different from the others since it seems to be the one that has the highest elevation from the sand. Not really by choice I think, but by the dictates of nature. The restaurant’s street-level area is roofed, but many of their tables are laid unpretentiously on the open sand of the beach area – that is some 3 or 4 big steps down a concrete embankment that feels like a breakwater to me. And this bar plays the best choice of dance beats in what seems to be the best (and loudest!) sound system on White Beach!

Part of our choosing this bar was the rural style of their “tables and chairs” on the beach. Tables are rectangular that can easily fit 10 to 12 diners (or drinkers) and they are made of what might seem to be scrap pieces of plywood. Nothing really different from that long work-table you will find behind your house or in the garage! The “chairs” are actually long benches that can sit 5 to 6 people! Of course, at each end of the table the waitresses do put in a white “monobloc” plastic chair – if and when there was a need for it! It’s not rustic. It just feels interestingly simple, that’s why we liked it. And all the tables are “accented” with lighted candles in little glass jars! So, kinda, 'cheap and chic'!

Oh, didn’t I say what was striking was the people and their activities? Here goes:

To our added amusement, the restaurant’s crew or “waitresses” are all 100% gay! They are fully made-up. They dress and set their hairs like women. They wear shoes like women. And, they act like… well… gays! They do make this bar such a fun place to be in. Their waitering style is totally different from whatever you’d see anywhere. Aside from the funny anecdotes and their animated way of interacting with you, they call themselves funny names! I remember the waitress who was “dedicated” to our table was Manica – pronounced Manny-ka! We mused that probably his/her true name is Manuel, nicknamed Manny by his parents. Mannyka sounds like Danica, right? O di va?!

When not busy, these “girls” will gladly oblige to sit at your table and pump up the laughter by trading funny kinky stories. They will even accept shots of your “Mindoro Sling” if offered. Keep this to a minimum though, cuz if they got drunk, they’ll have to be asked to rest and there goes your fun and laughter since you will be attended to by another (but overworked and harried) 'waitress'! Besides, aside from serving you, when they like the dance music (and that is quite often) these 'girls' go run up to the main floor and dance for the crowd like they were in a ledge of some disco! They coax and enjoin everyone to join them up there! And everyone usually does join them until the place heats up to like a crazy college ball! Now, if your Mindoro Sling offerings got your waitress really drank, they’ll frequent the “ledge” and probably forget about you!

BTW, the fun is not all that! These girls (whether seated on your table or just plain serving you) are very good at “match-making”! They will readily tease you and/or another guest if they catch you like throwing steamy glances at each other. Being true gays in body, mind and spirit, they will be so forward as to talk to you and/or your “prospect”, then introduce you, and tease the two of you all night! So be warned! If you are not up for this type of “bridged socializing” just tell your waitress so. Then your waitresses (including me) will raise their eyebrows, raise their chins high up to the clouds, roll their eyeballs and call you a KJ (kill-joy)! Its all for fun really! Plus you get to know the other guests without an effort! And it was your fault anyway – since you were caught looking at someone else “meaningfully”! Note that even if you did admonish your waitress for attempting a “match”, his/her jokes, lively antics, exaggerated girly talk and “total entertaining effect” won’t diminish! They are just plain cold fun-seeking creatures!

Don’t mistake though that this place is the domain of gays where the straights are not welcome. On the contrary, I observed that the straight men were having fun like everyone else. Probably because their egos get bloated by the unstoppable “hi papa” of the waitresses and many comments like: “ate, ang sarap naman ng prince charming mo, pahiram”! The “true” girls were themselves getting wild to the music! Oh well, girls probably are all gay by nature or gays probably do think like girls! Whatever!

Here is the "gayness" in White Beach you must not miss:
(Quotes from another article)
“…as the night went on, the “celebration” got even wilder and kinkier. A local “tourist” (and I recognized him to have taken the same bus we took from Manila) was rather up for an even more public fun!”

“…at one point during the dancing, all eyes trooped to where this guy was! SanMigLight in the right hand, his shirt on the left, he was “macho-dancing” on the floor, it was rather sexy.”

“…then suddenly he dropped his shorts to reveal a… well, you would have thought there was another SanMigLight bottle between his legs! And he was too game that many of the girls (and gays) flocked to inches of him armed with their digicams, videocams and phonecams! Hmm, I even saw one or two brush their arms on some “parts” of that dancing Adonis! Or was that this hunk brushing his bare body on them? Well, I got that on my videocam!”

“…as if on cue, when virtually everyone had taken a shot of the dancing hunkie, we heard excited cheering from the other side of the bar! The two girls (a Filipina and a Caucasian-looking lady) who earlier on were already dancing some sexxxxy moves on the floor were taking their tops off – and very slowly! The cheering went wilder and the cams from the hunk naturally swayed forth to the ladies! I remember, they were slowly inching each other’s bikini down to the level where I could already see the upper half of their buns and the crowds were cheering chanting screaming that the hunk go join them – when untimely as it was, I couldn’t anymore hold my need to pee! Just plain pee, jingle, weewee, OK?! Promise! I was drinking beer all along and was trying to delay the “call of nature” because of the “show”!...”

Well, before you jump into ugly conclusions, the place is not at all unregulated. When I came back from the CR, the girls already had their 2-piece bikinis back on and the guy was talking to an old man with a big ID for a necklace and the cheering has a bit subsided. I learned that the old man was a “barangay tanod” – some kind of local police – who came to ask the three wild thingies to “cease-and-desist”! And cease they did! Oh well!

But the sexy dancing on the “ledge” never ceased! Only the total stripping!

Finally, the reason why Puerto Galera should be declared Gay Capital:
(c'mon people, we have to be open-minded and explore the world!)
At about 1:30AM, when this bar was still up but people were slowly slithering out (I saw some of the “waitresses” drunk-slumped in a corner), we headed home. However, shortly upon arriving at our room, I told my companions I would go out for a walk on the beach. And walk I did!

Having had too many a beer and Mindoro Sling for the night, with a big plastic bottle of mineral water in hand, my walk (under a full moon) was interspersed with “rests” just sitting by the sand and looking out to the sea. I headed towards the “uninhabited” right-end of the beach where those rocks grow into cliffs!

And oh my bloody Mary! The place teems with exciting “carnal” activities! Heaven on Earth! This must be the ultimate in the Philippine “Cruising” Scene! Every secluded or dark place (just the moon for a bit of illumination) was “habited” by a twosome, a threesome, a quartet or a waiting dude! And I can tell from how everyone moved or whisper that they were not companions coming to this place. Meaning strangers seeking strangers! For a second I got a bit uneasy, but proceeded just the same.

The water’s edge, in the water, the sand, the bushes, the rocks, the base of the cliffs, the darker shades of the underbrush – EVERYWHERE! Mama Mia!

Near the end of the beach where a big boulder sits, not even a minute from my “resting” on the sand, somebody was already beside me caressing me all over! I observed – and one can easily look at all the activities around – sex (in whatever kind they so desired) was the name of the game! I politely said no and I was left alone.

While resting on the sand, near the bushes, a girl, followed by a hunk sat about 2 or 3 feet to my left. I just stayed on and pretended I was not minding them at all, my back flat on the sand, looking at the moon and the stars. No sooner, they were doing it! Of course I could hear all that they were muttering including the oohhs and aahhs AND I could see all that they were doing! While at it, the girl reached for <
original details removed by request of a PG concerned citizen> And the rest is history! They are my friends now and probably also reading this blog too!

Oh, after that, with a <
original details also removed>, they left me where I was and they walked to the water to probably “freshen up”. While they were still swimming and can of course see at least my shadow, another 
<adult content also removed>! No sooner, the “dancing Adonis” joined <adult content also removedin an unforgettable “activity” at just knee-deep of sea water! And the rest is history I may not easily forget hehe! They are now my friends who might have come across this story that 'sounds very familiar' to them hahaha! Peace to all of you, PEACE!

Okay. Let’s stop it there! All I can tell else is I did not know things happen in this country! And I did not even get the names of many of them! No need to! I must tell you though, that partners could change oh so often in this secluded place of the beach! And when I say “partners” its not to mean literally “pairs” because you just have no choice! At times when you think you’re already doing it (whatever), others could come and join in. And I think the unwritten law (or so I felt) was, don’t say no, just pull out or back-out if you don’t like it!

Boys, girls, gays, men, women all moved so silently and swiftly! If one did not like anything, he/she just moves away! No questions, no prodding, no bickering or even begging! You just went to where you liked to be and do what you liked to do, period! In my mind I said, am I in my Inang Bayan! But yeas, I was and still am! Oh My Lola!

Oh I was back at our room by about 4:30AM! And that was just the whole of my Friday!

Saturday, aside from the snorkeling trip, the trip to Sabang, the town, Aninuan, the falls and the Mangyans, our beach activities were fairly the same exciting exhilarating exceptional new escapades.

After dinner, when we trooped back to the 'White Beach “Something” bar'! It was still “Manica” who waited on us after she declared to all her colleagues that we were HER GUESTS! Her opening lines to my companions: “ay kuya, grabe lasing mo kagabi”, “ay ate! I like your hairdo today”, “hello ate, ang sexy mo pala talaga! Ganyan ako nung bata pa ako”! And to me: a commanding “kuya, ang kagabi ay kagabi, di kelangan ipagsabi or ulitin, k?” I immediately got it! He/she meant for me to look further and “expand my horizons” So I did! And after the bar, I ended up 6AM at the beach!

Sunday, going home day, though a bit disappointed (bitin eh) cuz we didn’t want to leave the place yet, was equally beautiful and “curious”! We took a tricycle ride to the town proper of Puerto Galera where at the Muelle Pier, we hopped on to Blue Phoenix for a ride back to Batangas. During the ride, while my companions were either watching TV or sleeping the rough ride off, I went up to the upper floor of the boat and got to talk to 
<adult content also removed> does well in the BJ field!

On arrival at the Batangas Pier, as hundreds of us fun-seekers from PG disembarked from our respective boats, I spotted some of my Friday-Night and Saturday-Night “buddies”! Since I was with my friends, and they were with their “tour-companions”, we made quick glances and fleeting smiles whahahahaha! But I knew at that moment, to have lost my handphone would have been capital offense for it contained a lot of new numbers and email addies enough to complete a whole platoon!

On the bus ride to Manila, I received a txt msg from one of my “new” friends that read:

“hey ol tks 4d gr8 fun! Galera shud b named gay capital of d phils! kip n touch ü”

All told, Puerto Galera is such a place where everyone will really feel “happy and GAY”!

NB {nota bene}:
First person to have read ( even edited) this story is da wife. I was not scolded (nabatukan lang)!


  1. i'm planning to go visit with some friends..don't know the ins and outs though your blog provided quite an extensive inforegarding the place... email me sometime (IF time permits that is) so i can take down notes especially regarding chartered yachts and stuff

    have a nice day!

  2. hey! such a nice sexcapade! hehe anyway, am planning to visit subic this holy week. i read one of your articles about the place. maybe you could provide me quite more insight about the place like what's the best place to have fun, things to do in subic. hope to hear from you soon =D

  3. Wow! I was surprised with the sex on the side detail. Hahaha. I just never saw you (through this blog) in that light. Hehehe. I will continue to read your blog for more of these entries. Hehehe

  4. Hi, I had such a wonderful and unforgetable sexcapades in puerto.. just given you a detail of the story... :) 09203285350

  5. That was a very exciting story! I almost had the same story like you. It was unforgetable. mike_05@yahoo.com

  6. I also had the same experience like you, and it was my office mate from other department. ahehe

  7. Maybe I came at the wrong season, I only saw less than 10 single men spreaded out by thundred of straight tourists. Anyhow, I went explor further to the end of the rocky area and found many other quiet beaches.

    I also made a spiritual labyrinth with hundred of miden-sized stones in front of a almost-ready-to-open resort.

    When people left in the dark, I took off my underwear and cum at the center of my spiritual temple. It was fun to have sex with the nature, the sea, the beach, the stars... much easier than try to hook up with strangers.

    By the way, I also made some local straight friends around my temple. They probably wouldn't tell on the big stone at the center of my labyrins is my cum. They believe it must be very spiritual. Will my the labyrins grow? You guys help me out! --- DB

  8. first off, kudos.. the construction's impeccable.

    im a 26yo gay boy (bottom at that) and im planning to go there alone this December. soul-searching aside, i have this urge to sleep with a foreigner since i've never done that! you think PG will help make this fantasy happen? what should i do and where exactly there should i go? thanks :)

  9. Thanks, the blog is of Huge Help.. Be heading P. Galera tomorrow and my friends and I are all GAYcited.. Of course, we packed all cautions and protection gears we may have against AiDa Santos (AIDS)..

    Fiercenesss... (n_n)

  10. first time ku pupunta dyan... san ba pd mag check in na hotel at sang part un mga gay scenes at bars? pkisend nman po email ku or add me sa fb



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