Wednesday, January 19, 2005


This is the EVERYTHING Region of the Philippines!

Region 3 also mostly indicated as REGION III or Central Luzon just has everything for everyone from the kids to the serious businessmen; from the outdoor fanatics to history and culture buffs! It has everything from rural seaside towns to exclusive members-only resorts and everything from the illegal gambling operations to glittering modern casinos! To be able to completely roam and absorb everything that this region has to offer, a month or two may not even be enough!

Composed of 7 provinces or about 12 cities and 118 towns, Central Luzon is one of only two regions in the country that spans it shore-to-shore from east to west. I even call this vast place as the region from A to Z! That is A = Aurora (the eastern-most province, kissing sunrise and the Pacific Ocean) and Z = Zambales (the western-most province, hugging sunset and the China Sea).

This area of the country has many firsts and feasts! It prominently fares in the country’s history from every era one can think of down to the latest sensational rape-scandal and illegal gambling lords!

For anyone who really knows this region (I most certainly don't), it will be very hard to not-find just about anything. Surfing, waterparks, zoos, theme parks, industrial parks, international airports, battle sites, crafts and furniture, leading universities, delectable and delicate foods, shopping malls and sex traders, yacht clubs, religious rituals, churches, urban resettlement, the best national highway, migratory birds, butterfly museums, golf courses, jetskis, triathlons, caves, mountains, vast rice fields, fruits, farms, sprawling poultry farms and piggeries, flying schools, lanterns with 40,000 lightbulbs, fireworks and whatever else I can think of – they can all be had in this part of the country. A fantastic place!

Ah this region just has everything. Literally!

While there are a lot of references that can give you various information about this part of the country, my favorites are:


Department of Trade and Industry

Wow Philippines' Explore Philippines pages

Virtual Tourist especially the VT Philippines Forums

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  1. I totally agree! Tarlac has just about everything, and at the moment they are even improving some tourism destinations, especially at the eco park near the monumento