Petty Little Things in the Philippines 1

These are, well, petty little things I encounter from time-to-time as I keep traveling the so many islands of this archipelago. Many of them are irritating, some are amusing, some surprising, some even outright deplorable, but I think too petty to have a full article space in my travel blog. So, I just collect and deposit them here (",). If ever I remove anything here, that means I posted it as a separate blog entry
(the first one means my latest entry as I just keep adding them on top of the others)

0007. From north to south, whether it be in Tarlac or Cebu, all mini-stop stores have a uniform smell - that of pungent burned used-cooking-oil. And to think these are franchises. Must be an architectural or interior design stupidity. Never enter if you are in your best business attire about to meet clients. That smell will stick to all of you until you get to bath!

0006. The "drip" costs! This I learned from a fellow airline passenger. He introduced himself to me as someone from a "water district". I got interested, so the topic went 'water'! One important thing I learned was: little drips on your faucet do not actually cause your meter to move because the water-meter mechanism is well... mechanical and not (yet) digital. BUT, if a number of you households all have drips, the cumulative sum of such drips does get noticed at the water authorities' monitoring meters. Thus, it is registered as 'wastage' that eventually gets to be charged all of us subscribers anyway. So, let's all help stop the drip. Magtipid!
    0005. "Pssst" - as you know is a common Filipino way of calling someone. And it is now all the more rampant at places where habal-habal is the majority means of transportation. Yes, that is how the drivers try to get you to ride their motorbikes. It's just so irritating. The more irrirtating part is -- I usually turn in the direction of that "pssst"! Hehe, kakainis - ako!
      0004. That PM6 (Boneless Bangus w/ Unlimited Rice) at Mang-inasal? Yeah, they do not remove the scales. I just think its barbaric since you cannot eat it as it is not crispy-cooked. Kainis if you accidentally take it with a mouthful!
        0003. Why I usually don't like rice at McDo or Jollibee and elsewhere fastfood? They're too wet they ruin my appetite. I learned they first dunk their measuring cup in a jar of water (who knows how long it has been standing there, right?) before they scoop rice with it. What for? So that the cup of rice will retain that ball-like form when they wrap it in paper. Bakit kasi kelangan pang balutin kung dine-in naman! But notice if you order Jollibee's burger steak, the rice is more respectable! Why so? Because they do not have to wrap it in paper!
          0002. "Twenty pesos for your change" - that's how they say it at Jollibee. I just know there's something wrong with that phrase/sentence!
            0001. In a jeep, a bus or ferry-boat (usually), some Filipinos increase the volume of that clunky sound from their cellphones playing music. Sometimes even too loud as if they're trying to let the whole planet hear it. Irritating. Mga estupido! And estupida pala, as yes, there are of them females - and not just the younger set, mind you!


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