About Me

Who, me? Hmm, one of the hardest things for me to do is to describe me, myself and I. I would be happier with other people doing that! Anyway, I am a 'normal' dude with ‘subnormal’ thoughts hehe. I am a roamer with no particular purpose than just ‘being there’. I do not even go to places so I could tell you anything. Fact is, everything I tell in this blog are things I have seen or experienced without you in mind. I like going around places, all sorts of them. I do like watching local events like festivals and fiestas but I prefer going to towns, cities or barrios when there is supposed to be “nothing unfolding”. That way I witness the ‘real’ life of a locality.

I’m a story-teller, so say some of my friends after reading my blogs. Am not sure I want to agree, but just the same, I concede to another friend who says I am a ‘conversationalist’ – whatever that means. I think that word is a stylized synonym of talkative, and still, I agree hehehe! There is a basis: many people who personally know me say that I write my stories as if I were just talking in front of them (of course without the expressive eyes, head lilting and vigorous hand gestures)! But I write lengthily, so if it is as if I were just talking to them, then… therefore… I must be talkative. Hmm, is that a bad trait or a compliment? Ah anyway, yes, I am!

What do I do? Meaning other than roam? Ah well… I day-dream about where else should I go next. That is if I get a chance to daydream! I am a “consul”. Nope, not the one who denies your visa applications to anywhere. I am an independent (a.k.a. free-lance) consultant on training and professional development concentrating in the areas of process review and re-engineering. However, most of my services had lately been on soft skills enhancement and project management in both IT and non-IT sectors. I am also a “callboy”! I mean most of my clients (and family & friends) just call me to demand that I do this or that plus this and that. Like? Like being their travel consultant, events host, coordinator, tour-guide, workshop assistant, critique, confidant or counselor and other sorts of things! Most of them call me by the name Dindo.

Well, if you want to add in to the many personalities who make my life always ever exciting, do drop me a line or two. Or three or four! You may also want to read these FAQ.

Ang nagmamahal,
Pinoy Traveler

NB: For this section, my blog adviser told me to describe myself in one paragraph ;)