Thursday, March 3, 2016


If you think my topic is about that overloaded motorbike about to enter the national highway, with helmet-less driver and passengers, no it is not! This sight is such a common thing herearounds that it is already considered 'normal'.

Now if you think my topic is about that sorry-looking signage to an elementary school, I can tell you 'yes, but not quite'! And yeah, I understand you... with the present after-Yolanda building boom where so many donors are helping to rebuild schools, how come no one is helping that elementary school to put up a more respectable signage, right?

But that, is not even my topic hehe! This time I am for "nomenclature"! Oh ha?!

The past 2 years (and this will probably be until the end of 2017), I happen to be often passing by this place. I did not really mind that 'harsh' a name for a school (pretending to be busy w/ my humanitarian work eh), until a friend went on a trip with me this morning, saw that signage, and started protesting why it is named so - as if we can do anything about it! But he had a very valid point that made us all laughing.

Here goes...

The barangay (community) is named "Bukid"! Thus, this elementary school (located there, of course) is named as such!

And my friend was saying "kawawa ka naman pag dyan ka graduate, when somebody asks saan ka nag-aral, ang sagot mo, sa bukid"! Well, he has a point - especially that in the Visayan language (both Cebuano and Waray-waray), "bukid" actually means "bundok", unlike in Tagalog where it means "a (farming) field".

However, and this is where my friend finds his protestation valid... (I agree)!

In the Visayas, if one calls you "taga-bukid", it is meant to belittle, ridicule, insult you!

Solution: go tell their congressman so he can change that school's name, to the name of his father or grandfather or mother or grandmother or wife! That's the only thing they do best anyway, right?! hahahaaay gino-o!

But then again... why bother?! The place is named Bukid, so anyone from there is "taga-bukid", so who cares, really?! Maybe just my friend... and me, so let's leave it at that hahaha! At least... there is always a thing to amuse us travelers wherever we go hehe!

Oh well...


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