Friday, January 1, 2016

'Unhelpful' ATM: Happy New Year

Nothing big that I want to say about this machine, other than... how helpful! I was able to withdraw from this same machine last 23DEC2015. But seeing it today, new year's day, wala na yatang pera. Sure sure, they'd reason out that it was the holidays, and that too many folks used it, so no more cash. Rightfully so, right?

Wrong! My bank never has an ATM down or without cash for more than a half day - whether it be the holidays or even during calamities. Seriously, there are assigned folks to watch out for their ATMs' "serviceability", day and night!

Therefore, Metrobank, raise the bar! Or should I say, keep up with the new norms! Esp on this side of Cebu (Lobby of Marco Polo).


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