Sunday, September 14, 2014

Calbayog To Allen Passes By Maguinoo Port

Alright folksie folks! I took the van ride to Calbayog from Allen, even if I was on my way to Maguinoo Port as I was to take the evening boat to Cebu. Why still go to Calbayog? Because I had my friend leave my other bag at the Grand Tours terminal there. So I had to get it before getting back to the port – which is a bit far from Calbayog.

Now for you fellow travelers who might already be in Allen and taking the Cokaliong boat to Cebu from the Maguinoo port, no need to go to Calbayog. If in a hurry or if you want more comfort, take the vans (e.g., Grand Tours) from Allen to Calbayog – and you will have to pay the direct rate of P100 from Allen to Calbayog. However, you can tell the van driver or their terminal personnel that you have to be dropped at the Maguinoo port. Saves you time.

I discovered that this arrangement is possible because 2 of my fellow passengers on the Allen-Calbayog van were destined to Maguinoo, and the van veered right from the Maharlika Highway to deliver them there. Ah, I should have also gotten off, if I did not have a bag to retrieve in Calbayog! But no regrets, it was still early and the trip from Calbayog back to Maguinoo Port is free c/o the shipping lines. Non-aircon though!

Happy Travels!


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