Wednesday, February 26, 2014

San Jose Afternoon Roam

Again, San Jose Occidental Mindoro, aight? Okay, clear!

I actually just dropped my backpack and headed out of Sikatuna Beach Resort.
I wanted to immediately see the town center, at least for the rest of the afternoon. Wouldn’t it have been nicer easier if I stayed at their downtown hotel? No, and you’ll see later, why not!

Okay, out of ‘Sikatuna Beach’ (that’s how they refer to this resort), this is what I saw…
One of my choices, actually just across the little concrete path from Sikatuna Beach!

Looking to my left… the beach and the sea! Inviting, but I controlled my royal self!

And to my right… the highway (airport to town center) there at the end of this path...

Reaching the highway, I hailed a trike going downtown. When driver asked 'where to', I casually said “simbahan”! Feeling local ba!

Views along the way…

And the church…

Rizal Park. Nice cozy gardens...
Would you believe there are 10 people in this picture?! Yeah, folks of all ages!

And Rizal Monument...
Either this thing (monument) is new or they have refurbished it. See that rectangular hole? Obviously for a future marker or dedication. But come to think of it, I learned something here! Yep, that those pedestals are actually hollow! Really, I thought those things are supposed to be solid!

The Municipal Hall. Old but refurbished. Nice-looking enough, right?

I like this monument...
Especially from afar, if you don’t read the inscriptions, you’d think the lady is dancing some kind of a Sinulog celebration, right? But I realized she is a representation of our freedom after the world war. Those on her arms are chains that represent she just broke free!

Many cities have this, right? But in many of my roams, this sight is the same.
They’re usually closed or there are no senior citizens around. Maybe it’s time the government start re-thinking the practicality of having such structures!

Now now... can't mistake where I was, right?!

I accidentally saw this while roaming the city streets. Yep, Mindoro Plaza Hotel, one choice I considered while browsing the web for a hotel earlier in the day.
But I think it was a good thing I did not get to choosing this one! Looks nicer outside than inside. At least I had a re-connection to yesteryears. Yes, that thing on the right is typewritten. Yeah, buhay pa ang makinilya hahaha! Who wants to guess the brand, aber aber?!

They showed me some rooms… this is a family room at ground floor.
Unfortunately, I am not to keen on rooms without real windows. Well, this is at ground floor. Maybe their rooms upstairs do have big windows (if we base it from how the building looks from outside).

Then I got to see Sikatuna Town Hotel.
I think it was good of me to still try it out at Sikatuna Beach, even if I was told they were full. This one is located in some kind of a palengke area and I walked by at dusk. Not very attractive neighborhood. This pic (above) I took in the morning of the following day. Because…

This was all I got during this afternoon's roam.
At least their rate sheet is not typewritten with a makinilya hahaha!

Okay, okay, I took a trike back to Sikatuna Beach Resort.

I did not catch the sunset. Didn't know this beach was a sunset view...
But from this that I saw on arrival, I suspected this place would be a good vantage to watch sundown. So, I promised myself I’ll try this again tomorrow afternoon!

Let’s go dinner and night life. Next!

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