Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Beach Walk To San Jose

Beach walk again? Yes, to the other side this time!

Back from that long walk along Aroma Beach, I took my second shower of the day at exactly 7:50AM! Just a quick one, on this hot humid day. Summer has started, I guess!

But what was I to do other than sit out at the beach-side tables of my resort? Itchy feet ruled again… I walked leftwards to town center via the beach – opposite direction of my stroll earlier on this same beach. Here we go…

Getting to be nicer (clearer) views as the sun inched up...
Heading leftwards this time, this view is to my right and back!

There are the islands again… Illin, Ambulong and little White Island…
I was still not dropping the idea… Should I see them up close or… should I?!

Noticeably no people on this part of the beach. Why?
It’s a cemetery up there! There’s a house on the left yes, but all others are, duuu!

I walked faster hehehe!

Fishing boats anchored some distance from the shore…
Why so? Are they afraid of the shore?

Here’s the reason.. they are actually big boats! This one is on dry dock for repairs.
If they came any closer, the hulls would hit sand or shoal and break. Look in the shadow at lower-right of this photo, you should find a man squatting and see how tiny he is compared to the boat!

These boats just look small or regular-sized when afloat. They’re enormous, actually!

Here is another one… a boat-in-the-making! Can you see the man up there?
I think these boats are 10 to 15 feet tall from hull up to where ‘passengers’ would be!

Hey I learned something new! See those pipes running along the hull of this boat?
I asked the makers, and they told me its for cooling the engine. Coolness!

Now am still imagining how that works! At least I already learned it’s a cooling thing!

I saw small boats darting between the shore and those big boats. What for?
Hauling the day’s catch to shore, and, new supplies back to boat.

Here’s an example: They were like running because the containers are heavy...
This one includes a baby shark and everything you’d like from the grill. Yumminess!

Another new boat…
I like the name! Those are two words! It even got its initials for a logo – TG!

See?! Quite a realization I learned having walked this way. Who needs a shipyard? In San Jose, they do their boats right on their yards - the beach that is! Lovely isn't it?!

Oh, And there is White Island again… ah it was like teasing me! Calling at me!!!
Not an easy decision. Its expensive to hire a boat (alone) going there and back!

Aside from the boats, I of course also saw other snippets of life and industry in and around this side of San Jose. Here are some...

Unloading bamboo furniture from a boat...
Bamboo products are made at the islands, then sold at the San Jose market.

These guys were willing enough to answer my questions...
One man said there's an ample supply in the islands - but not for factories. Nice one! That squatting guy even told me, their hands can only do so many in a month, thus, by the time they need more bamboo, the younger saplings will have already grown just in time. If I take his word for it, at least they are still living a proper balance between supply and demand.

And they do charcoal too! Owned, or being handled by the same bamboo men...
They told me they only pick fallen trees and branches for this. One even intimated that those they bring here even comes from a specific tree, and that they don't make charcoal when there are no fallen branches as its hard to burn fresh wet wood.

It got me thinking... sometimes education the way we in the metropolis have learned it, is actually dangerous to nature. Take their craft and their products for an example... if anyone got to them telling them how to find the "proper" markets, or how sell "effectively", their products would have a lot of buyers causing them to make more, beyond what the life-cycle of wood and bamboo can provide, causing denudation of the forests! Unless they're planting those trees and bamboos, which I can't imagine!


There were children on this part of the beach too!
But unlike near Sikatuna Resort, there were no adults with them.

Saw this boat ready to depart for the islands and I was craving to ride with it…
Unfortunately, boatman told me that the return trip of any boat is still tomorrow morning. Ayayay!

Nearby, after a little island, was their public market where I walked to. I would have wanted to snap pics of this and that, but I was passing amidst a lot of shore-side huts where almost all men didn’t wear shirts and curiously looking at me. Afraid! Hahaha!

So I just briskly walked past everything and emerged on the street to hail a tricycle. Where to? Ah, that is a fantastic find I’ll tell you in the next entry. Promise!


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