Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Beside USC-TC

There is an over-supply of the ‘letter S’ at this mall just beside the University of San Carlos Talamban Campus (ok TC now means Technology Center whatever)!

Being beside a school, (where we hone the bright minds of Cebu to be always sharp, healthy and alert, "char"!), this mall declared everywhere, including parking lots and external open areas as Non-Smoking. Yes entawon, even the roadside, as if it does not teem with thick emissions from those dilapidating 13C jeeps!

But, the mall is still kind to us puffers hehe. They provided a smoking room about the size of what it is over at NAIA Terminal 4. The walls and ceiling are elegantly plastered with wallpaper showing the horrifying effects of smoking. This picture is what you see when you raise your head to ‘exhale’ your smoke away! And you realize that there has got to be one ‘letter S’ that must go! Whahehehe!

Oh well…

Warning: NOT Smoking Makes You Forget Your 3rd Grade Grammar!

ISSN 2516389.25-1235


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