Tuesday, December 24, 2013

After-Yolanda Egg Scramble

Two weeks after the mother of all storms, the dear homemakers of Cebu probably felt a dwindling supply. Oh yes, many poultry farms over at the ‘egg basket’ of the Visayas (Madridejos) were flattened by Yolanda. I chanced upon these ‘inahans’ in a mad scramble at a sidewalk. Their scrimmage was getting to be a spectacle.

They were altogether digging into that basket, as if those were the last few eggs they’d ever see on earth! Some eggs cracked and I saw hands being wiped on their sides or the seams of their skirts, shirts or shorts! This did not take long. And this probably made the 'manang mangingitlog' the happiest woman of the day!

Oh well… I love instant spectacles as I roam about.

It's really more fun IN da filipins!


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