Monday, September 9, 2013

Stream Global Mess at Family Park Cebu

I have been to this park twice or thrice before. It’s a wonderful place to be with/in nature amid the urbanities everywhere. This morning, I was there early to set up some of my team building activities for a group of lovely youngsters. And this is what I stumbled upon…

At 07:33AM, I could not see anyone attempting to clean up all the mess – most of these were yucky stinking food left-overs. So I went up to the guard just to ask if at all this was going to be attended to, since there were already a lot of people, some of them whole families jogging, exercising, playing. Guard said ‘there should be’ and told me he will call the attention of personnel in charge of this park. He did! And the massive clean-up of this vast place was started. We even had to delay some of the activities so those folks can finish tidying up the grounds and the cottages.

While waiting, we could not help but talk about the mess and the responsibility of cleaning up after an event. We all do, right? Except probably for Stream Global. Deplorable! Nakakahiya, a supposedly “global” company at that with supposedly well trained employees. Trained nga ba? Baka hanggang English accent lang! Obviously, they remain irresponsible, barbaric, taga-barrio, a whole taga-bukid lot of paka-uwaw bisdaks. Oo nag-aral ang mga yan. Breeding? Iskwater!

To be fair with Stream Global, I went with one of my participants when he paid for their/our use of the place. I asked the cashier if they don’t have contracts signed by those who use their facilities or at least a list of rules to abide by. She just confusingly shrugged and asked me “ngano man sir”. And I made a litany that all venues in this country have rules as to when is ingress, egress, what is the expected decorum, proper use of equipment and facilities, after-event conditions, who cleans up what and all those things. She did not show me anything but told me that it should be the event-caterer or event-organizer who should clean up after the event. Well said.

This woman, who went down to the grounds with us (she’s the one talking to the guard and the manong cleaner) could only shake her head telling us this was the first time they encountered such a mess after an event. Sometimes covering our noses, me and my participants were even laughing it was such a cheap event just looking at their left-overs! Not that I mean to say cheap food is only consumed by the cheap-thinking, cheap-bred social class - but in this case, yes. Golly naman, agents, if Family Park does not have rules, you are (supposedly) professionals who know manners and responsibility. Or do you?

You would really doubt if Stream Global has at all a respectable budget for their employee-related activities. What did we see? Lumpia, puso, barbeque sticks, pancit, ngohiong, paper plates, plastic cups, plastic sando-bags, armalite-guns cut from cheap grocery cartons, suka (yes, vinegar), suka (yes, puke), the remnants of kwek-kwek, chichirya wrappers, cheap gift wrappers that obviously came from their prizes, ditto for long plastic umbrella wrappers, plus many more cheap things.

Hard to say that it was only the ‘attendees’ who brought cheap food and barbarically left them scattered around. Why? Because even on stage were left-over ngohiong and puso beisde a box that probably contained their raffle prizes. And at one of the kiosks in the field, scattered were what looked like their ‘entrance tickets’ printed on cheap paper.

Read the last line in that picture again. Yes, that one colored red! English yan?!


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