Sunday, May 5, 2013

Exhibitionist Kids

Aha, I got you!

If you were thinking of some kinky topic with that title, no there is none! But, what do trike driving kids in Tacloban do when bored waiting for passengers? Play. But not the usual kids' play. They do antics to amuse themselves or anyone who may care. Using their big tricycles! No no no no, these are not your regular trikes or pedicabs in Metro Manila or other urban centers using BMX bikes fitted with equally small sidecars. These are the big old bikes circa 1930s (I think).

I was (still) at Happy Landing near the Tacloban Airport and was puffing a smoke after my hefty lunch when I saw some of these kids doing their antics. Grabbed the camera to shoot and all the more that they kept doing the "exhibition"! They were as amused as I was. They liked being 'videod' and even asked me to shoot more. I almost forgot I had yet to check-in for my 330PM flight hahaha!

I tried it myself and the trike is so heavy! Whoah! And, as per advise of these exhibitionist kids, you have to drive fast, so that it's easier to tilt the thing, for it to run on just the two bicycle wheels. Got it for probably a millisecond and my balls seemed to have jumped to the top of my forehead! I even actually immediately thought, OMG the nearest hospital is kilometers away from this place. And I had a flight to catch! So I dropped the idea even if those kids egged me to try further.

It looks so easy, but it definitely is not! And yes, I will leave the 'exhibitioning' to those kids. I'd be better watching hehe!


  1. hahaha... we do have a lot of exhibitionist kids here in the country :P

  2. great blog for my home country. Thanks for sharing.