Friday, January 11, 2013

Which Campus?

Okay now folks, you have UP Diliman, Manila, LB, Baguio, Miag-ao, Iloilo, Cebu, Tacloban, Mindanao, right? You also have Ateneo at Loyola, Rockwell, Naga, Davao, Zamboanga, Cebu, etc etc! And you have La Salle Taft, La Salle Tapat, EAC, etc., right?! Now see these!

O ha?! What can you say?! Sosyal the schools of Cebu 'no?! Hahaha, Portugal? Mexico? Guam?!

Now the real topic...

These pics were some of my shots at the opening parade of Sinulog 2013. At first, I did not even mind those places written below each school's name, for I knew what they meant.

However, I got to stand beside 2 foreign ladies who were also taking pics and vids of the parade, and they were exclaiming ooohs and aahs, when they would read those places written below the school names. I got bothered, and felt I needed to barge in when I heard one of them say "wow, they even have a campus in Portugal"! Like hello?! Cebu Doctors as in CDU?! In Portugal?!

So I smilingly meddled in their oohs and aahs and told them those places were not the universities' campus locations or branches but areas where the festival they were performing/representing is celebrated. And we all laughed. Buti nalang I got to correct their wrong impression, otherwise they could have gone home telling this and that. Wheh? CTU sa Mexico? In their dreams haha!

At least the two girls are well traveled (I think) and I was caught off-guard when the other girl asked me with "ah, VSU is in Baybay Leyte, right? So they're representing Baybay's Festival? What is it called? Da! I shyly said "am not really sure" hehe! Uwaw ko!

Seriously... maybe someone out there from the Sinulog Foundation or the folks who are close to them could tell, that as little as those details should be given enough attention lest we mislead visitors. Those tarpaulins should be labeled informatively well next time. Ask me if you need help in 2014 hehe!

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  1. coming up... University of the Visayas in London ;)

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