Friday, January 11, 2013

Not the Volkswagen Please!

Don't get me wrong, I love them beetles. But only if I have to look at them like at a garage show or some museum (if ever there will be). Beautiful toy cars, really!

Just please don't use these oldies to parade beautiful lasses where there will be a lot of 'crawling' at probably just 10 to even 5kph or even less. Its a parade for heaven's sake!

Ayun! The damn 'lovely vehicle' conked out!

Buti na lang, Mr. Charm himself had the presence of mind. So instead of the girls feeling awkward being ogled at by the public as they perched there, helpless atop a car probably made when their mothers were still being born, he invited the three to go walk with him in the parade. So they did!

But, Mayor naman! Naka-high-heels ang mga yan pabaklayin mo ng ganyan kalayo?! Oh well, girls, at least that was a test of your rampa skills, stamina and poise hahaha! How far did you 3 girls walk with your heels on? I estimate that to be more or less 2 kilometers! Well, blame the shoe maker if it hurt your legs. All shoes are supposed to be made for walking hehehe!

All was well that ended well!

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  1. whatafail 'pre! me bimmer club naman dyan dba? ba't nagtyaga sa folks? gggganda ng cebuana! amalike!