Wednesday, December 12, 2012

That Giant Jeep Again

There is that humungous multicab again hehe! This time I spotted it by the road near SM’s North Wing. First time I saw one of these up close was over at the Metropolitan Cathedral though I did not have a chance to talk to anyone in charge. This time, I saw the manong driver doing nothing (that man at rear side seemingly dwarfed by the size of this jeep), so I asked him a few questions.

The “jeep” is actually a converted 10-wheeler truck! ‘Di ba obvious?! He says, it is only given to mountain barangays of Cebu City. What for? For whatever use they may deem necessary. I asked who owns them jeeps (expecting a reply that would either say “city government” or “barangay”), and the fantastic reply was “Si Capitan”! Who maintains these jeeps? The barangays. How many can sit in there? “Daghan”! I asked for a specific number. He couldn’t give one and instead said “tibuok barangay”!

Oh well, what a giant jeep really! Aren’t these the kinds that should be distributed at flood-prone areas like Marikina, Pasig, CaMaNaVa, CDO, Iligan, ComVal, etc? They better hehe!



ISSN 2515139.875-1635

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  1. Good for commuting on rough roads!
    Sana makasakay din ako dyan. :)