Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Savorin’ the Sunset at Sabin

Alrightie folks! So I was at Sabin Resort. This was more of a reconnaissance visit as I was to have dinner in this place ‘tomorrow evening’ hehe. Not really a thing I do every time – the reconnaissance, I mean – but there was nothing else to do at city center, so I went to have a go see. I liked the place. You wanna know? Okay, I’ll get to that… but let me describe this place as I share my story!

This resort/hotel is by the sea just a few clicks from Ormoc city center. Being so, it faces westward to the Camotes Islands and Cebu. And as of this visit, Sabin Resort is one of the most luxurious I have seen in Region VIII so far. But it is not a beach resort, mind you! It is by the sea yes, but there is no sandy beach. There is a seawall instead, where you can jump from, I suppose, if you really wanted to swim in the sea. More of like the resorts on Panagsama, only this one is a lot more hip and luxurious!

Reaching the spacious lobby cum cafe with high ceiling, tasteful native decor and furnishings, I immediately went forward to the equally expansive pool area as the afternoon bustle seemed to emanate from there. Whoa! It’s a big and really long one. An irregularly shaped pool amidst a garden, complete with a functional island in the middle. So it is more of an oval pool, probably a hundred meters long or just a little bit less. Makes you remember the good old Philippine Plaza (now Hotel Sofitel). There are bridges to the central “island” fully carpeted with real bermuda grass, a swim-up bar and a few huts for a poolside party or event. Lovely!

I gravitated towards the northern end of the resort as I saw that there was a big restaurant over there. Lovely too! And this is where you get to witness that silent but beautiful celestial spectacle – sunset! How did I notice? Frankly, I just happened to have admired the color of the restaurant furniture and furnishings! That orangy wash of the setting sun made them look more elegant. When I looked the other way to check-out the light source, voila, mr. golden sun was inching its way down the horizon. So what best to do? I sat at an ‘al fresco’ table of the restaurant and ordered beer!

Sat there for a while, just looking out into the setting sun… I loved it!

But the giggles of some tykes romping around, and the banter of their yayas running after them near the waters’ edge was inviting. So I went forth to check out that portion of the resort. Even more breezy with a clearer view of the vast sea. No beach as I said above, but the waters’ edge here is a fine place to stroll in the afternoons, probably also at early mornings. I could also see that the sea water in this area seem clean enough and people were swimming at nearby, lesser known resorts. In fact, the whole front of Sabin has a “perimeter” marker of floaters connected by rope. An indicator to me that you can at least swim there, but advised not to go beyond those ropes.

Oh, there are cute little cottages on the far right of the property. Cute if I compare them to the main row of interconnected buildings that make up the whole of Sabin Resort. They are tucked at the edge, by the trees and foliage, beyond the wide bermuda grass loan just after the main restaurant where I was. I asked the resort staff how much it costs to stay there per night. The reply was a surprising “aw sir, that’s not for guests, sa mga Larrazabal yan”! So I asked who are the Larrazabals and they educated me that they are the owners of Sabin Resort. Hmm, the staff at least laughed at my joke saying “okay, I will have my surname changed into Larrazabal tomorrow”!

Evening has befallen so I called out to pay for the two bottles of beer I consumed. Waiter came forth asking for my room number. Told him I was not checked-in, just roaming around and I would pay for my beer in cash. In a while the receipt came and it showed P90 for two bottles of SanMigLight (45 each), no taxes, no service charges! Hmm, that sounded a fair price enough for such a kind of place. When he returned to give me my change, another uniformed lady followed him, Smiling, she exclaimed to me “sir, you’re not checked-in here?” to which I joked with “why, is that a problem?”! Still enthusiastic, she said (in straight English) “not at all sir, but you might want to see the rest of the resort, and perhaps stay with us next time”?

I said that would be splendid! She made a quick call and voila, a staff came to tour me around the facility, pointing me to this and that, how and what. Nice place! Here are more pics:

Well, am not sure if I told any of them, but I did tell myself, next time I come to visit Ormoc, I’ll stay at Sabin Resort! Not only well-appointed, also well-staffed!



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  1. The photos captured the real beauty of the place. I hope to see the venue up close. shitifujon.blogspot.com