Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ormoc Nightlife: ‘ChieBob’s Corner

I was merrily strolling towards Sugarland after the “bar hop’. But a little past the old city hall, I heard more music. The sound was obvious that it was not some coin operated streetside karaoke. If it was, then it may have been a little cut above the usual! So… you guessed it… I still went to check it out! And as I walked to trace where that music was emanating from, I had to remind myself that it was less than an hour to midnight, and the boat leaves for Camotes Islands at exactly 9AM tomorrow hehe!

OMG what a day! Another bar with live music! Where? At the other side of the “superdome” almost exactly the opposite side of Manina’s Food Haus! So I went to listen and watch – and still have more SMB, whew hehe!

‘ChieBobs is a bit different from Manina’s in terms of type, kind, crowd and even atmosphere. Though am not really sure what would be better! This one is not a food house to begin with. It’s a “grills and bar” – whatever that means hehe. But yes, there is a well-stocked bar. It is darker everywhere than Manina’s but there are tiny colored lights everywhere and those lights that move or flicker. I’d say it is more intimate at ‘ChieBobs. Like the singers are nearer the audience, they’re even seated, and the tables all have those big umbrellas. So it is darker everywhere and you’d know who the frequent customers are, right?

As for the music, Though there was too much “reverb” (echo ba), I did like their music as I did at Manina’s. Not really that great but not anything to be ashamed of either. Give them a few more practice and they’d all be worth to be proud of in Metro Manila or abroad. ‘ChieBobs is more interactive as the gay singer engages everyone in banter. At Manina’s, even if they attempt to do so, it would be hard as the singers are far from the audience – c/o the space they must provide for vehicles to pass by hehe.

But being dark, too dark in fact, at ‘ChieBob’s I saw broken bottles under three tables (including mine) that customers or crews probably just brushed with their feet to the center posts of those umbrellas. They probably clean that up in the mornings as this area too, is a parking lot of the superdome that has many offices including those of the national government! And for a comfort room, you climb to the 2nd floor of the superdome’s main building – it’s a government (therefore public) amenity, therefore, ah let’s not go into describing that CR anymore hehe!

It was jollier in this place anyway, and I told myself, if I’m going back to Manina’s one of these days, I should be too at ‘ChieBob’s! And btw, I forgot to ask on what really is the true name of this place since the signage above the band’s tent said “’chieBob’s” while that big tarp behind them said “’CheBob’s hehe! Ewan saan ang wrong spelling wrong dyan!

See this:

And.. so okay, let's fast-forward. Following day, after the dinner meeting at Sabin, by around midnight, I was back in this place!



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