Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Going to Sabin

Sabin Resort, yes. That is the best in Ormoc!

Wondering how one gets there? I did! So I asked around. At the market, where most everything with wheels goes to or comes from, I approached 3 policemen who were busier with their “tsismisan” than attend to my queries or help the traffic aide gruel it out with the crazy traffic. When I asked how should I go to Sabin, one of them (who just very quickly glanced at me) threw an unenthusiastic “traisikul” and just as quickly returned to chatting with the other two officers. Their topic: talking about how to make a loan to get a motorbike. Losers!

So I moved on and asked some waiting drivers as to where should I take a trike ride to Sabin. One of them told me to ask those drivers at the corner across (this group I asked are not allowed to ply that line). As I crossed, he was already shouting at those drivers, telling them I wanted to go to Sabin “pakyaw”. And the first driver in that corner approached me saying “forty seven, sir” (that means 47 pesos). I asked him what if it was not “pakyaw”. He told me seven pesos per person but the trike’s capacity is seven persons – so forty seven nga!

For some reason, I did not bite the bait. I guess I sensed some kind of “taking advantage” in the eyes and excited voices of those drivers. So I walked on away from them to catch a jeep (multicab) going Albuera or Baybay. But not so many meters away, an old man in his trike asked if I wanted a ride. I asked how much to Sabin and he said “twenty pesos”! Imagine that?! I asked if he would still be picking up other passengers along the way. His reply struck me! He said “kung gusto mo pwede, kung ayaw mo, pwede rin”! Da!

So I took the twenty peso ride and told him he can pick up other passengers but don’t make it too full to cramp my knees! He just smiled. And after a few minutes ride, we were already at the gate of Sabin Resort. He did not pick any other passenger along the way!

Let’s talk about my Sabin visit in the next entry, but let’s past-forward here…

Going back to Ormoc city center from Sabin Resort, I walked the few steps to the highway and hailed a trike thre. It already had passengers in it and the driver picked others along the way. How much was my fare? SIX PESOS! And it was even already evening where I expected some kind of extra “premium”!

Bottomline, my instincts were correct and I am glad I heeded my feelings. The 7X7=47 at the public market trikes was bloated! Just a few pesos really, but I hate it when people take advantage of others. And I am a Filipino, how much more if they encountered a foreigner asking around? Mr. Hagedorn, care to visit Ormoc and teach their drivers some lessons?!





  1. It sounds difficult just to get a ride from one place to another. I'm going to the Philippines in a few months, so I'm interested in your stories.

  2. Linda, not really difficult if you already have an idea. Like am sharing the above with all of you. Just shoot your questions here or over at my FB page, and I'd be happy to help!