Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Funny Error/s

Well I might even have to call this a study. And this is one thing I like with the Visayans. They really know how to make real witty fun at just about anything!

Let’s interpret…

I asked the driver as to who made this signage in his jeep. He said the signage maker made an error on the letter sizes so he went on just the same and gave it for free! Driver further says, that is the reason why “your” was shortened into the sms-like “ur”. He did not make mention about the missing “a” in “setbelt” so I did not ask anymore. If it was also an error on the part of the maker, now we would not know!

I asked what was the “w.w.w…com…” he said “ambot, sa internet tingali na” (I don’t know, maybe it has something to do with the internet)! I did not say anything but in my mind I said “duh”!

I asked what “” means and he told me “gaid” is a visayan term to mean “tie”, but used mainly for big things to tie down like a boat or a ship! Thus, the sign maker wants to tell us “tie the passengers” (and take note, plural) hehehe!

Finally, I showed this very picture to seven true-blue Cebuanos and asked if the “pasahiro” is correctly written. All said no, and they educated me that it should be either “pasahero” or “pasajero” (add the “S” to make it plural)!

Funniest thing is I asked all of the seven friends on what would be the correct Cebuano translation of “fasten your seatbelt”. The replies were either “ambot” or “ataya lisura ana” or the likes! And one of them said “igaid na lang gud”! Hahaha, igaid in tagalog would mean “itali”. And if in Cebuano you said “igaid ang pasaheros” or in tagalog you said “itali ang mga pasahero”, it’s as if you mean tie the passengers down (prior to being shot, or as punishment, or something like so)!

Oh well, the titillating signs of these our times!





  1. hmmm... my Visayan dialect is challenged. well, the rough Visayan translation to "fasten your seatbelt" is "ikab-it ang bakos". ikab-it meaning, connect, and bakos is belt. cheers!

  2. This could lighten my mood while being stuck on traffic jams. ;)