Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Blessed Stars Approaching

So the boat I was waiting for arrived! This picture was taken at 8:20AM – against the arrival schedule that said 7AM. Well many of you would know that it still takes so many minutes for the boat to be properly docked and for the passengers to eventually disembark – especially if those men who throw the ropes to shore can’t seem to do it properly – and it happens often hehehe! Apprentices!

Anyway, though I’ve been on this boat only once (Cebu to Catbalogan), coupled with my 2 rides on Cokaliong (both Cebu to Calbayog), I think I can show here one of the reasons why I’m starting to like riding in them. Look at that white shirted man below. He is a guard – yep, the normal usual guard, sekyu, jaguar that we know. He seems to be proudly standing there alone. And look behind him. It is total darkness with nothing, no cargoes, vehicles nor anything, right? So, riding on these boats (when you’re not in a hurry) is fine and fun as there are just a few people on board with a lot of room to roam around hehe.

I did ask why the trips or routes are still being operated when there seems to be no more riders. A crew member intimated to me that all ships earn big on cargoes from Cebu to Catbalogan which compensates enough for the seeming loss on the return trip!

Bikers, drivers and roadies, now you have a tip where to load your babies going to Samar!



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