Tuesday, December 11, 2012


So that’s the Cebuano word for “pull”! Hmm, why didn't I learn this from my tutor? Ah, maybe I was not listening when that topic was discussed! Anyway,

I was seated at this atrium inside the Raintree Mall waiting for the eye doctor and was facing this door to one of the establishments there (Koken?). And even with those big and redundant signage, I saw at least 3 people attempt to enter by pushing that door! Gosh really!

Hey, about that word (root word “bira”). It means something else in other places of this country. It could mean “hit” (biraha means “hit it”) in Tagalog or Ilonggo, and it could also mean “spread your legs in Waray” (bira). Da hahaha!

Oh well, Hala Bira!



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  1. Hi, I'm back with travel blogging after a 9-month break. Nice knowing that my blog still occupy among the top of your reading list. Yes, "birahi" is also a common word here in Surigao, admonishing somebody to hit something above or below the belt.