Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Oscillating Around Ormoc City

Hello #philippines! Here is another place worthy of a peek and see. I did not even plan to roam around this city (yet). I just made it a mini-base since I was heading for the little island-town of Pilar in the Camotes Islands (province of Cebu), before proceeding to the island province of Biliran off the northwestern portion of Leyte  I chose Ormoc as a jump-off point since it is a commercial center on the western part of Leyte Island.

This gave me an unexpected chance to roam Ormoc’s city center!

Tourism Information Center

Happy to make this as a first Ormoc encounter. Which tourist would not anyway, di ba? It sits to welcome you right at the very end of the walkway just before you make that final few steps out of the fastcraft terminal’s big parking area and out to the city streets. I advise all first-timer visitors to drop by this well-appointed place. The staff are friendly, all sorts of ‘general information’ are available and they can help you find whatever or make your plan of action. Just don’t ask for specifics. As a case in point, when the girl made mention of Danao Lake, and I got curious with some questions, I learned that she has not been been to it yet hehe!

Take note, this tourism office is not just your so-so government office. It is like lounge. There are reading materials, lots of informational things to take away, there is a flat screen TV, there is even a computer with internet. There were even two police officers inside who were bantering with the staff when I came in. But I gathered that they were just in there to take advantage of the air-conditioned comfort and watch TV. Ah that explains why Tv was playing some Tagalog movie classics when I entered hehehe!

This information office was still very helpful, even if I outright declared that I had no intention of roaming the environs of Ormoc this time, but I was more interested in Pilar (Camotes) and the island of Biliran. They helped me map out a practical way of doing it. Lke I learned that to go to Pilar for a day tour at this time (noon)was impossible unless I wanted to stay there overnight. They also helped me with more information about the island of Biliran, the localities and attractions there. Plus, they helped me choose a place to stay in Ormoc, after I told them what I like and what my budget was!

AND finally, there is a clean comfort room inside this office! Ahhh, and I had to go through that earlier hassle! Argh! Remember the picture below? Yep, from my previous story! That white roofed building above "D" is this office. And do you see the little purple dot in that white roof by the top edge of the picture? THAT is the approximate location of their comfort room (inside the office, of course)!

Now now… I have a feeling this is going to be another series, else I write another very long story which many of you will find hard to finish again hehe. So let me cut it here, and let’s do something else Ormoc in the next entry. Promise!

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