Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ormoc’s Footwear Center!

While oscillating around the city, I chanced upon this row of “ukay-ukay” vendors with a style. It looked to me like they ‘specialize’ in the shoes department hehe! They look interesting viewed from street side. It’s a sea of shoes! And no racks, they’re all just laid out pair-by-pair on the pavement. So you or the vendor must hop, skip or jump to get what you need or want to see. You either bend or squat or kneel to get a closer look at them rows and rows of old shoes still up for grabs. Amusing!

I noticed these ukay-uakys do still offer the other (and usual) bevy of other things like shirts, shorts, bags, caps and everything else. But the footwear takes center stage hehe!

Well, the ‘styles’ of our times! I like!



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