Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mr & Ms (Something) Davao

On with my walk about… I saw an activity at some otherwise quiet row of establishments (almost all still closed or closed for the weekend). I thought it must have been a local film company doing a location shoot – due to the number of gays standing around who I think were either handlers, alalays, yayas, makeup artists, directors choreographers, etc! But come to think of it, the thing that really attracted me to this “shoot” was the fact that there were only two cameras both handheld but no tripods or boom mics etc – well, the big ones like what they use for weddings and other such events! So, i told myself “probably an indie”!

But the ‘subjects’ of the shoot were these pack of boys and girls. Hmm, I thought some pep squad or perhaps a choir or dance troupe. So I inched nearer and asked one of the well-dressed “titas” what it was. And s/he told me Mr & Miss Davao SOMETHING! Oh okay then hehe. The take, I realized was that these kids were as if trooping to the offices of one of their pageant sponsors. I asked the tita again saying “when is this happening” but another sisterette was quicker to reply with “why, are you media from abroad sir? Japan? Korea?” To which I answered with “gaga, taga-Manila lang ako looking around”. And we all laughed!

They told me pageant night is in December and even invited me to watch the event. I said that would be impossible as I was about to leave the city in just a few hours hehe!

Okay, alright, I like the “events” I encounter as I roam this country. More fun!



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