Friday, November 9, 2012

Help Them Be Honest?!

I was on a jeep on the way to Mactan when it stopped for a “refill” at some gas station (I don’t remember the name but sure it was neither Caltex, Shell nor Petron). And this is a big signage posted on the outside wall of their cashier’s booth.

It took me a minute to understand!

Is this how the earth revolves now? Even the honesty of service providers is now the lookout of customers? Golly our values! What’s next? Will we be seeing signages that say “Please help us be honest by counting your change”? Or “please help us be honest by watching how we prepare your food”?

Oh well, the realistic signs of our times! Even employers cannot trust the values of those they hire.

Ready sing…. “honesty, is such a lonely word, everyone is so untrue”!

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  1. i read this in a seaoil gas station on the way to minglanilla. :)

  2. oh so that's probably the same gas station! dominantly white and green color, right?! :D