Friday, November 30, 2012

Davao People’s Park

Onward with my walk walk walk around Davao’s downtown area. There was another Penong, there was a call center, there was the beautiful DepEd offices, there were hotels and voila, I stumbled upon this place called People’s Park. So, I skirted the perimeter wall to find its entrance.

Oh, it is just across the famous Pards 2 – the eatery serving rice all you can! So I said I have been to this place, but probably just did not notice that across is the People’s Park. Hmm…

And I excitedly walked forth to the entrance. Argh! CLOSED! At 10:03AM on a Sunday? Gosh! I asked a park attendant and he told me it opens at 1PM still. Ah! then I saw this signage that tell about the complicated schedule of the park’s opening and closing times hehe. Now now… I learned that I was both very late and very early! How’s that? Well, they’re open from 5 to 8AM – so I was very late for that. Then they re-open from 1 to 10PM – so at 10AM, I was waaaay too early hahaha! Okay folks, at least you now know those schedules!

But am not at all complaining, since I did not plan about seeing this, I just chanced upon it!

Looking from the outside though, I think this park is a good one to see if you have had enough of white water rafting, Indiana Jones, fireflies, crocodiles, beaches that are all kilometers away from city center. Next time, I’ll purposely include this one in my itinerary. Hey, those figurines, they look interesting! Am not sure if they are supposed to be monuments to anything, but they look fun to have a pic or two at! From the looks of all of them, am sure they were made by Filipino hands. I am now curious what those are, what for, what about and who made them when how and with what material?

Other things looked interesting too! Like those pillar-like artworks. At a distance I could already discern those are brasswork pieces. Though I’d really want to know what those intricate ‘designs’ are, what they portray and who made them why. Hmm, soon Davao People’s Park. Soon I will be back to know more!

I could only take pictures from outside the still closed gates huhuhu. And with a heavy heart (because I itched to see those Pinoy-style life-sized figurines at closer range), I moved on with my walk – by skirting the whole perimeter of this park (lest I chance upon an opening where the attendants would let me in hehe! Unsuccessful!

Oh well!



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