Friday, November 2, 2012

Cebu Harpists: My Wish Coming True?

You will probably remember this topic from sometime ago, right? Well, while rushing for some errands over at the Park Mall (actually to buy spicy lechon belly again to be sent to Manila for a friend celebrating her birthday, I passed by this 'show' at the lobby where people were crowding.

Oh boy oh my my, he is one of them, the beggar harpists of Cebu! They (the mall folks) dressed him up in barong and a native hat, voila, he plays what he does best, the harp! And I saw that majority of those who lingered in the area longer, or secure the benches for their butts, were Koreans and Caucasians, plus a scattering of Indians and Africans! Almost all armed with their digicams, handicams, phonecams, iPads, etc.

I of course took this photo and later txtd a friend (while I lined up at the lechon belly counter hehe). His reply was “wala akong kinalaman dyan, but let’s just say, aren’t you glad some Cebuanos are reading and lsitening to your blog posts”? Oh well, am I more than glad! Fact is, if I had the means, I'd really love to push them out to wedding receptions and similar events. Promise!

Go go go Cebu, let’s give them harpists a real break since they play well anyway! Next I want to see two harpists doing counterpoints or many of them doing some kind of a “harp chorus” – if I can call it that!

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  1. So beautiful! And to think you were the first to write about Cebu Harpists on the whole world wide web! Kudos to you too! :) Please if you can, link me to one of them through mobile phone :) Thank you and awaiting your reply!

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