Monday, October 1, 2012

How Do You Go To School?

Alrightie folks! That picture seems nothing uncommon in this country, right?! Yes, very right! But take a closer look. Down there in between the feet of the manong in blue shirt and denim shorts…

That is the dainty foot of a fine young lady wearing a heeled dress shoes, the way professionals do (should)! When my van overtook this jeep, I saw that the young lady is a student at one of the universities in Tacloban – probably tourism or hotel administration, thus the dress shoes. Books and notebooks on her chest pressed by the left hand, while her right hand clung mightily to whatever it was she could hang on to! All for that thing called 'education', and eventually a salaried career. Kayo, how did/do you go to school?! Ah, this one scene kind of crumpled my heart for a moment there.

Hmm, manong in blue shirt… I know why you are standing there like that. Urag!


  1. yeah, sad, all we do for education that gives us no guarantee of work when we graduate. haiz.

  2. After completed college education they prefer to work as DH and caregivers in other countries because of $

  3. I may have to agree with both og you on this - even if I don't want to :(