Saturday, October 27, 2012

Free Aerobics Classes

I have known free aerobics classes to be only available at some so-so towns in the countryside, They never last that long. But I was surprisingly glad to see one at a posh mall in Cebu. They do it at the very lobby. Yep, the south entrance lobby of the Park Mall. I asked one lady who was about to wiggle it out and she said, anyone can just come and join. Another young woman, a saleslady, told me she is part of a similar activity but on other set days. There are day assignments? And she confirmed that yes there are, because the number of joiners have been increasing steadily.

Actually inviting to hear the music, the encouraging shrieks of the instructor and the trying hard movements of all those in attendance. Yeah, if you have been all along growing those flabs through the years, you will really try hard and even harder just to do a simple movement like raising your hands up hehe. I’m serious here, I saw that there was a middle aged man who was all perspiring just with the very simple movements whahehehe!

If you can’t boringly do it alone at home, go to Park Mall!


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