Monday, October 1, 2012

Cattle Not Allowed?!

That is at the famous San Juanico Bridge, and this area is the approach from Samar going towards Leyte. So okay, no cattle… but pigs, buwaya, any and every kind of pachyderm, even sharks are fine to cross?! If you know what I mean hehe! Actually the sign means no walking animals (or crawling or rolling), okay? Wag na mag-insist hehe!

That activates the lateral thinker in me… wouldn’t it be a grand sight to see a kalesa crossing this bridge? Or how about a ‘kalabaw’ (called karabaw in Waray) pulling that wooden cart without wheels (called Kang-ga in Waray) loaded with farm produce and a beautiful maiden – slowly inching through this bridge?! Wonderful sight, right?! Hmm, maybe even a wonderful sight if we see Gwen horseback riding from one end of this bridge to the other! Yes si Gwen, that sexy petite of a governor of Cebu! She rides horses well. Maybe kahit naka-gown pa, kaya nya yan! Then again, this is Leyte and Samar... she'll have to do that on either or both Mactan bridges first for a trial run hehe. But just imagine the effect. Drrrramatic, right?!

Ah well, the interesting signages of these our times!


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