Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Beauty of Car Insurance

Am still on my love affair with Samar. Its the 3rd Monday I am passing this way and that poor little thing has not even moved a bit from that seemingly ashamed position. Maybe it thinks it is an ostrich, so it is trying to hide its head in the sand! Aw grass, aw ground, aw earth whatever!

This scene is just 2 minutes away before the San Juanico bridge! My driver says, the owner probably just left it where it is, since the insurance company would take charge in retrieving it. Well and good, if that is really the case.

I can only imagine, if this was in Metro Manila, not even 2 hours would pass and that little darling would have probably disappeared 'in toto' or chop-chopped to total “diffusion” hehe. And the insurance agents wouldn’t even know where it was hehe!

Oh well!


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