Saturday, September 8, 2012

THE Banana Leaf

Ang dahon ng saging... BOW!

Got it? Okay, let me describe the intricate contraption for those who still can’t fathom this “very profound scientific discovery”… so help me God!

The back-rider realized water, dirt and mud was pelting his back as they zoomed though the highway. That is because that kind of bike has no rear fender – by design. The seat is supposed to already serve as one, but obviously it doesn't.

So, to avoid being scolded by his mom for another veeery dirty laundry, they chopped one big banana leaf somewhere and tied it to the bike’s tail light, hoping it would provide enough protection!

It probably served its intended purpose for a time. But when we encountered them, the poor leaf was swaying and flapping like crazy, then started tearing itself apart into strips! The “act” eventually became a pathetically futile rendition that every passenger in my van (plus the driver, of course) was laughing instead of feeling sorry for this ultra genius green-clothed bastard hehehe!

So, okay MacGyver wannabes, if you were Mr. Green Guy, what would you have done?!

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