Friday, September 7, 2012

HBO in Calbayog

An unmistakable logo, right? Ah, if you were thinking about fantastic movies on your TV screens, nope, they have nothing to do with it hehe! Tthis one is an internet cafe along the main highway (Maharlika Highway) in Calbayog City.

After watching the festival, I was walking from the church towards the Grand Tours van terminal on my way to Catbalogan City, when I encountered this signage. That stopped me for a while there of course, curious what might be the “office” for. Well, ah eh… just the normal, so-so internet shop where mostly youngsters are busy with Dota, Ragna and what have yas!

Catchy? It caught my attention, at least hehe. But I wonder if the owners won’t get into trouble using that name/logo. I don’t think the real HBO would bother anyway!

Oh well, the signages of our times…


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