Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wherever I go… Nice Shirt

I liked the printed thing on this shirt for sale at that little building called the "Showcase Center" beside the Samar Provincial Capitol. You can change the word "Samar" into "Philippines" and the meaning is still as dramatic nostalgic nationalistic patriotic, and yes, proud!

I wanted to have one but there was no other color than pink. So, I told them I’ll just wait for their new stocks to arrive so I could choose other colors. Maybe in two weeks said the lady in charge. Because they kept talking to me in Tagalog, pinanindigan ko na hehe. I asked what the words actually meant in English. The reply was a giggly “it’s very hard sir, puydi Tagalog na la?” I said okay hehehe! But no I’m not telling here! Trip lang!


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