Thursday, August 23, 2012

Samar Provincial Capitol

I have seen this many times before, and it did not really quite had any changes the way it looks from the outside. Thankfully, the many governors who occupy this edifice seem to at least respect the look and make of the building – which we all are sure must be sturdy as this was made during the American era. The upper portion is inscribed with MCMXXX, so I guess that means 1930. Those days when there was probably no “building code” yet, yet building makers knew the exact and right amount of materials to use!

Hey, the building looks good (to me) accented by those multitudes of tricycles on the foreground. They are there waiting for passengers to take their 5-peso ride to anywhere in the city center. Oh, a friend insists it should only be 3-peso, but I vehemently disagree. Try looking at one of those trike driver huff and puff while driving, then tell me you’ll be happy giving them just 3 pesos hehe.

Anyway, I went inside just to take a look, but I made sure my camera was in my pocket. I am/was not very comfortable just clicking it away in this place. People looked at me with a kind of ‘suspect’ curiosity as I moved around hehe. Anyway, I peeped at the “session hall” upstairs – where the board members (and the vice governor?) do their thing. My my what a big space they occupy with everything in there arranged like you were in a museum hehe. Well, it’s the same wherever we go, right? The Cebu Capitol’s session hall is the same, even the senate.

I curiously walked towards the governor’s and vice-governor’s offices. they are modernistic with glass panel doors and modern furnishings. Even the big conference room is also all-glass, part-clear and part-frosted. Someone I know saw me roaming around and I got invited to go inside the offices. For some reason I backed out hehe. And on my way out I saw the vice-governor arrive from outside walking towards his office. I asked the person I know who those people following him, and I was informed those were his staff. Hmm andami naman!

Oh well, this capitol building is one of many I consider as nice old structures to look at. Not the best (I think those in Tacloban, Cebu and Bacolod are better), but just the same, nice old sturdy-looking building that we can probably call ‘historic’!

Had to get out quickly, the parade was about to start :)


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