Monday, July 23, 2012

Traveling With God

While I may not find this unique in the #philippines, nor will I even say amazing, it does amuse me that a mere transport provider’s terminal can remind us about faith and religion! Not a real fit to the principles of “global diversity” yes, but, if you were of the same religious beliefs, this transport provider does it better than everyone else. Maybe even better than everywhere else. Looking back, I think I have not (yet) seen a transport terminal (whatever the faith or denomination) as awash with such religious ‘reminders’ anywhere in this world I have been to.

Don’t be alarmed though, none of them go out to the waiting areas and start preaching the bible hehe. The posted sayings are the most of it – and many are even universal (I mean reminders for being good human beings, not necessarily just for being good Christians or Catholics). Let’s see what got caught by my camera in the recent past… and these are just on 3 walls inside their main terminal. Yup, Grand Tours in Catbalogan City.

In the vans, there are none though - for that would have appeared too cluttered and cheap with postings just about anywhere inside a vehicle, right? They do have figurines and the likes! Mind you… aside from the religious images (figurines) on the dashboards and the hanging rosaries on the rear-view mirrors… once each van departs from this terminal in Catbalogan, you just look to your right and a few meters away is the facade of the St. Bartholomew Church of this city.

So whatever your religion is, how can you be not reminded to travel with God in your heart?!

Aw, okay, I might as well do a review of Grand Tours in my next post. They’re fun!


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