Friday, May 4, 2012

Marju Krisel Hotel, Calbayog

Its a resort. Something we can probably call an inland resort.

How on earth did I get to be in this one? Well, I was on a fun trip from Samar to Manila, hopping by places I thought were worth my time for at least a peek. I needed a place to stay in Calbayog City as I roamed the area. Marju Krisel was suggested by a fellow traveler I met in Catbalogan who says he often stays at this hotel in Calbayog. So that was it, I went for it!

Hey, looking for Marju Krisel will make you realize how big Calbayog City is. I know the total land area of this city is bigger than Singapore, but I did not realize the city center itself, though not (yet) really that urbanized, is that big. Like from the heart of the city to Marju Krisel was still such a trip via tricycle. Everyone I asked said its just “somewhere there” – but I estimate that should be about 4 kilometers on the Maharlika Highway from cit center! Well, its still some 2 kilometers before the airport, so it is really within the main hub that is Calbayog City.


This hotel/resort sits on the bank of a river just a few meters towards the open sea. There is no beach, but what a wonderful place. Their restaurant’s side is a verandah that is directly above said river amidst a lush mangrove forest. Nice looking at the boats and bancas that ply by carrying people, farm produce or the fisher folks’ catch from the sea. Nice place to laze around and while time away just watching the few of them humanity pass by. I think I spent almost the whole of one morning just looking out into this river. There was even a time I saw “divers” who were like tracing the length of the river, diving for something. I asked a waiter what it was they were picking and was told they’re catching fish and/or clams and/or just about anything else on that river that could be considered food! Wow!

My room? Wonderful! Its a big one with a queen-size bed.sanz luxurious things that you would see/expect at hotels. But I loved the floor tiles. Cool and clean! Nice tables and chairs too – all made of bamboo. The toilet sink and bowl were a bit uncharacteristic of hotels. They’re blue! Well, am used to white or offwhite or cream to even those pale yellow colors. But blue? Hmm, eclectically upbeat hehe! But I took a closer look lest they used blue to camouflage stains or dirt. Very clean! And though am not a fan of these kinds, very colorful a bedroom too!

Interestingly, there is also a smaller (single) bed near the door (lower-right of photo above). I wondered what it was for so I asked a manang housekeeper. She told me “if there are more of you” which I think was quite obvious anyway hehe. I don’t know why I asked about it, but quite a witty reply for a stupid question hahaha! The thing with that single bed is it looks like an anti-climax for the big queen size bed that is way center of the room. Something like you’d feel you are a lesser human being if you get assigned to that bed instead of the big one hehe. Interesting, really!

That big a room was less than a thousand per night, and that made me wonder. Why do I see other more cramped or even filthy rooms at other towns or cities in this country that are more expensive than Marju Krisel? Maybe the tourism department should do something to standardize rates like they do in Thailand? For the kind, size and upkeep of my Room 3 at Marju Krisel, it passes as one of the best ‘value for money’ I have ever had lately. Not to mention that when I open my door I would be facing that large swimming pool with rows of little interesting fountains lining one of its sides.

I’m searching for a better word than “cozy” – that should be Marju Krisel!


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