Saturday, May 5, 2012

Loitering Around Calbayog: City Hall

Nothing in particular that I wanted to see in this city. Just a closer look. Been to this place a few times, but all were either just passing by or I was to do something that I haven't actually gotten to loitering around city center! And here was my chance! I embarked on a long land trip from Catbalogan all the way to Naga, with Calbayog, of course, as a first stop. Yey!

So there I was, and now what? hehe! After dropping my bag at the bit of distant Marju Krisel Hotel, I went back to center of the city for a go-see of whatever might interest me. And of course, as I always do when visiting places, I told the trike driver “please bring me to the city hall”!

This city hall is old and I like it! Like almost everywhere else in this country, due to increasing need for more space, this city hall is not anymore just a single building. It is already composed of a group of structures. But the one central building is as it has been standing proud and loud. I have a bias towards old structures, historic or not. And this city hall is one such old building. Its structural beauty, if I may call it that way, is actually overshadowed by the massive concrete foyer and verandah. But that’s how its been, so let it be. Still, I like looking at it.

Busy day at the city hall… I entered the building, saw a lot of people coming and going, doing various business transactins, yet they still had time to stare at me! So I said, I better get out of here as I seemed to be interupting everyone’s hectic day hehe! Ah Mondays! If many of us feel lazy like Garfield on a Monday, not in this city hall – kadamo san tawo!


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