Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lagkaw: Floating Videoke

I liked looking at this kind of entertainment, conveyance or whatever category of a thing it might fall into! I did not even try it, but still, I liked the idea. Combining a boat joyride on a river with a thing most Filipinos love – videoke while eating and drinking! A unique experience, I must say. There are floating restaurants all over the world, alright, there are even the Loboc River Cruises yes, but these ones in Calbayog take a different twist.

The thing is called Lagkaw (log-cow). There are no fantastic buffets nor casinos and high class paid entertainment. There is even no destination at all! These are just like little eateries for the locals of a community. Only that, they are on boats floating along the mouth of that big river in Calbayog City. The main gadget on board? That ubiquitous videoke box where you drop coins for each song you want to sing. The main fare? Finger foods and beer! That’s it, and your croaking is a bit away from residential houses so you are not likely to disturb too many people’s ears hehe!

Boatmen told me you get to look at the city from a different perspective when the boat starts cruising along. They do sail during the day – if there are many customers or if they are “chartered” by groups. But usually, they get busy from dusk till midnight.

One evening, when I passed by that bridge exiting the city center towards Marju Krisel, I saw some of them boats all busy with many customers on board. Well, some of them use colored lights. Much like local bars or beerhouses you see in many a city corner. Only that, anyone who pukes wont have to worry about where to run to when the comfort room is full. You just bend over the edge hehe!


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