Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Real Coffee & Tea, Boracay

I do not mean the opposite of fake coffee! Real Coffee is a place, a cafe of some sort. And ever since we chanced upon this place years ago, we (individually or as a group) always make it a point to have at least one breakfast there. Its cozy nice dainty little place that keeps getting hard to find every time we return to Boracay! Why? Because every inch of this island is being planted to a myriad of business and ’whatever’ establishments. We even joke that next time we come around, we may have to clamber over fences or railings just to be back at Real Coffee!

Why do I / we go gaga over this tiny little hut anyway? Hmm, come to think of it, for varied reasons!

Some friends say it is definitely the calamansi muffin - for which the place is supposed to be famous for. Others say the ultimate muffin made of so many things including walnut smells and tastes better. I say they are all the same but I like the cookies and brownies! Another friend says he likes the coffee. Am not a pure-coffee drinker but I love watching how it is done. But the ginger tea is even more fascinating. Ah, this one I tasted and it is a complicated thing than the usual salabat hehe! They grate the luya and put it on a strainer then slowly pour hot water (I think) to the pot. Strainer with ginger comes as the to of the pot when served.

We are unanimous though, that the pesto omelette is best to have! Though many, including me, also like the tuna omelet. Heads-up to Filipinos though, their omelets are bigger than what we normally consume for a meal hehe. So be ready to share it with someone else and you just split the tab since its not cheap at 200+ pesosesoses! Its probably the owners’ standard on what to call a meal since they are not Filipinos. Yeah, its a mom and daughter tandem from California but they told me they are German-Americans.

I guess apart from the food, what we also like in this cafe is its unpretentious setup. Its like an open type bahay kubo where you can see the two and their Filipino staff do everything to whip up your food. There is a big table for about 6 or so folks and the seats are all made of bamboo. Elsewhere the seating or setting is more of bar style where there are stools on a long narrow table top, if I may call it that way.

I say unpretentious still, because the look and location of this place is not something you would imagine to shell out something like PHP300 for a breakfast. But you can see how your food is prepared and you can see and later taste the quality of what you pay for. Very much worth it!

They are friendly and the Pinays are jolly. They can even still engage you in some light conversations even as they prepare your food and that of others. Well, there are old magazines scattered around, and looking at just their covers you will readily know that so many hands get into them. That only means there is a constant stream of customers. Oh, there are even pocketbooks by a shelf near that ladder going upstairs. Upstairs? On a bahay kubo? Well, call it an attic or something like that hehe, they have wittingly made use of the ceiling! Am not sure if they even have sleeping quarters there, but I have seen them get or return some things, including more of the books from/to that “attic”!

Go for this place, you wont regret it! Where is Real Coffee? Now that beats me! Ah, just ask around, they are popular on the island anyway!


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