Wednesday, January 18, 2012

UNA, A Car

Along with many other fantastic products, I saw this thing displayed at SM Cebu’s North Wing. Its for real! Even if at first I thought it was some humungous jewelry box hehe!DSCF7181 The descriptions says: “Una is the first car in the world manufactured using indigenous materials exclusive to Cebu patterned from a 1959 Porsche 356. Designed and manufactured by Clayton Tugonon, the exterior is purely made from coconut flower’s stalk and rattan strips. The dashboard comes from a blend of two-toned shells while the steering wheel and shift knob are made from Shargeen. It was one of the highlights at the 2011 FAME Exhibit in Manila to showcase what Cebu can do”DSCF7191 Hmm, what’s next? An airplane with the body made of coconut leaves like they do it in the ubiquitous “puso”?! Pwede! Why not, coconut?!
Oh well, the beautiful signs of our times!


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