Saturday, March 3, 2012

Singapore Sights, Sounds and Savories

Aw, exploring the place with all those three words in mind will already be writing about the history of Singapore. That would be a book for you, and not just a blog article like this one hehe!

I always refer to easily accessible but very good sources when I want to hit Singapore. That is the ever reliable and/or its mother site, that of the Singapore Tourism Board. The beauty with visiting these sites on the net is that they are always updated and extensively detailed. Of course, links to everything else you may need are all over the many pages of these sites – whether those be commercial or otherwise. Sometimes I also hop on to (yep, that’s the complete website address, in case you are wondering hehe).

Don’t worry, any of those websites do not come splashing or flashing with any of their politicians’ faces in whole or half of your PC screen! Not even the department heads nor employees, unless the page or article is describing or introducing them. Hindi kasi sila mga KSP, ganun yun! And don’t worry too, any link mentioned by those websites are/were verified by them as entities trusted to give you quality, safe, comfortable and convenient products or services during your visit. Imagine, the STB website even has a section for names of tour guides with expired or suspended licenses! Ganun!

So, with such dependable and reliable references to pluck information from, we do not need to re-do or re-tell what is already available. Everything from what to see, what to eat, how to get there, etc., are all there. Including times, dates and prices! Okay? Fine… but…

In relation to something I said in the previous topic, why would anyone who has been to Singapore go back? Hmm, and this is my hatest and likest… it is such a vibrant and exciting city with a keen eye on continuous development and improvement of whatever existing attractions they already have. Kung kaya, we just cant get enough of this destination!


Well, if you tell me you were last in Singapore November 2011, someone may ask, have you seen the River Safari? Hah, if you ever answer that with a “yes”, my reply will be “utot mo”! Eh, it is still due to open late this year! They say 3rd quarter. And yes, am I excited! Waaaah, I am now accepting donations for your dear Pinoy Traveler to be able to go and see this new themed attraction. Waaaah!

Another… have you heard about WICKED? Yep, the musical?! Sigh again, it runs only until April 22 over at the Sands. Otherwise we’ll have to chase it all the way to Apollo Victoria at West End. Awwrrrr!

More? Well, the i-light show is back, also still at the bay and it will run starting next Monday (12March) until April 1 only. Its a thrilling light-show down at the marina bay every evening! Nice photo-op too. Hmm, where will be the best vantage point this time? The promenade itself? Or probably up some buildings? Or via the river tours? Haaay…

Music or Mosaic? Both! Yes yes, Mosaic is back dun sa ’durian’! I hear it will run from this coming Friday until March 18 lang. Hmm, which Pinoy artists kaya have been invited? Meron ba?! I hear isa lang daw and that’s Tricia Garcia. SIno? Ah she’s that girl with a really coolness of a voice doing Tagalog songs but in the jazzy genre. Masarap sa tenga! Kakaiba!

Meron pa? Ah, how about the AFX, the Singapore Arts Festival, even all the way hanggang F1 Season na, ahhhh! Teka teka, many of you may now be raising their eyebrows wondering ’since when have I got to liking cars’. Uhm, I can tell you never did and never will. But the activities, shows and partieeees that come with that season, ayayayayay, incomparable!

Hey, not to mention the always new and always fantastic things lined up over at Universal Studios and RW at Sentosa! There is always something new there! Kainis ’no?! Awoooo! We better stop listing these for they just make my feet itch all the more hahaha!

Here’s a hint... come back to this story a month from now and you’ll notice many of the links above will already be either dead or outdated. Sinadya ko yan! Just to show that there are too many things happening in that island-city-state. I even think there is always a thing or two brewing for the visitors like us every week! Yes, every single week of the year! Gosh! But not to worry. As long as you remember yoursingapore, you’ll always find the latest. So bookmark that page now or betterstill, grab the free and handy yoursingapore guide app for your fone!

That’s it pusit!

Oh, but I have more to tell! Like saan tumatambay mga Pinoy, saan madalas gumimik, interesting trivia, AND ’baka naman mahal’? That’s what you think hehe! Ah, lets do that in the next story!

*images are thanks to yoursingapore


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