Friday, March 9, 2012

Manila Domestic Airport Today

Remember the days when there was no Terminal 2 or Terminal 3 yet? When it was a simple “international flights at MIA and domestic flights at Manila Domestic”? Mind-boggling, right? Where, for any flight out of Manila you had to fall in line outside of the terminal from 30 minutes to an hour? Where check-in for a Cebu Pacific flight was like queuing up for school enrollment or NBI Clearance? Where, after check-in, waiting for flight boarding was like waiting at a government office?! Ah, those were the days of yore hehe!

Younger folks who have not experienced those ’nakahihibang’ situations have a lot to be thankful for hehe! But we the young at heart air-travelers in this country who gruelled, grimaced and scrimmaged it out at the airports now have a lot reminisce. Memories, dark as they were, but still memories worth remembering hehe!

Look now! The Manila Domestic Airport looks fantastically different!

Somehow, somewhere in me says ’sana hindi na nila gibain ito’ hahaha! For the memories! Hahaha, ano, museum? Whaahehehe! And mind you, everything in there flows orderly and with ease now! Yeah, even if we say it is far from being hi-tech! What with only one small airline, and two or three smaller even ’micro’ airlines using it!

But the practical entrepreneur in my lowly brain is saying, it is such a valuable piece of real estate that should be converted into something more profitable for the government or something more useful for the public. Not to mention, many of its structures, parts or components must already be aged, decayed, dilapidated or just plain fire and earthquake hazard hehe! Aw hey, I remember the apron, yes that portion of the concrete where planes park to wait for us, bumabaha yan in those times!

Oh well, fly thru it now, before the government finally decides to tear it down. For the memories hehe!


  1. I love the statue of the Blessed Virgin in the waiting area, so reassuring before a flight!

  2. its everywhere Rob! even at taxi, bus and trike dashboards. hehe, reminds me of this story! hawrya?!

  3. it is great to think that MIA has gone so far in this past years. from a messy airport who turn into a well-managed and smooth flowing airline offering the wonderful beauty of the country. nothing less and there is more! :>