Thursday, February 23, 2012

Roxas Tourist Centre / Police Outpost

Its that cute lovely kiosk that immediately invites the attention of anyone who visits the city plaza. I got off the trike near this thing so I went near to find out what it is/was. Oh what a combination! It is the city’s Tourism Information Centre at the same time a Police Outpost. I asked the lady in charge if they have tourist police in this city. She said none really, what they have in this outpost are real policemen. They just share the space since its too big for an information desk regarding tourism – plus, the police will have somewhere to be nearer the center of it all, in case needed. Bright idea, I suppose!

The lady here, who was busier sweeping the area and wiping dust from just about anywhere dropped everything to help me! Aside from a brochure with a map, she told me a lot of information regarding this city. Like? LIke this cute building was made out of donations from ex-Roxas residents who now live in the USA! Plus many more, and she pointed to me the bandstand!

Okay let's go there instead! In the next story, that is!

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