Friday, February 24, 2012

Roxas City Display Center

A few steps from the capitol on my way to find the Roxas house, I stumbled upon this thing they call ‘display center’ just before the bridge. So I walked right in! Hmm, it’s a modest house and a garden. However, everything in there is a product of various industries in the city and even the province, that you can immediately buy! I gathered from the woman on duty that they are from a cooperative that manages this place. Thus, most everything are from members and their associates. I did ask how this place differs from those stalls between the city hall and the church (I think they call it Paseo). With some kind of a smirk she told me that those are stores owned by just anyone who wanted to do business, while their products (in this display center) are of high quality as they are controlled by the department of trade and industry. Hmm… di naman sya galit hehe!

Look at that picture. Everything in it you can actually buy from them as those are sample products. Yes, all of them including those plants, planters, vases and even that big cauldron over at the garden. Those on the table are not ashtrays, those are ornamentals made of shells with a scattering of colored glass, stones and marbles as accents. I like the “chandelier”, those are real farmer’s hats.

And yes, you can buy the windows too. I’m not joking, those are for sale – the panels I mean!


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