Friday, February 24, 2012

Roxas City Bridge And Away

Many people (including me) remember Roxas City for this bridge. It’s not common anyway that a town or now city is divided by a river right in the middle of it all. This bridge is said to have been there since 1910. And it still stands strong after witnessing the life of this place for a century! Official name is “Capiz Bridge” and that’s not the name of the province but the town that Roxas City was. Yes, I learned that sometime ago, this place actually started as the town of Capiz, the capital of the province of Capiz. Just like Iloilo, Iloilo, Tarlac, Tarlac, Bulacan, Bulacan, Cebu, Cebu and many more! And by the way, this bridge connects the city at that main thoroughfare called Roxas Avenue.

So, listen well children… this is the Capiz Bridge on Roxas Avenue of Roxas City in Capiz Province. At least we know it is not made of capiz hehe!

I think of equal importance or significance to the residents of Roxas is that river called Panay River. It remains big to this day and not as dirty and murky (at least the part that I’ve seen) as your dear Pasig River hehe.

I walked the bridge, if only for me to indeed say, I have been on that bridge. There are pedestrian lanes on both sides anyway – even has a concrete wall/barrier so vehicles won’t accidentally drag you on the road. Hmm, its mighty sturdy a bridge. I mean it didn’t even feel I was on a bridge while vehicles also crossed.

Eh, I wanted to see more of the city, like the trade center etc etc., but I was running out of time. My planned departure time for Iloilo was due. So, I continued my southward walk along Roxas Avenue until I reached the Ceres bus terminal. It’s a bit of walk from the bridge btw. Definitely more than a kilometer long but definitely too, less than 2. But I enjoyed walking amidst this part of the city (more on the commercial side) passing stores, more shops, banks, schools, more churches, a hospital, pedestrian overpass, hotels, inns and just about many other urbanities. Hey I think the bus terminal is near to a seminary. I saw signage but wasn’t able to take a shot.

And then… to Iloilo I went!


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