Thursday, February 23, 2012

Roxas City Bandstand

As we spoke, I glanced at that other cute structure just behind the outpost. This tourism lady told me it is a bandstand. I said oh okay, since I already know what they are/were for, as I have seen other similar structures (e.g., Oroquieta, Sibulan, Butuan, Dumaguete, etc). But she continued telling me that the platform is/was not just used to house a band but also a venue for speeches, rallies and other events of the city – even the coronation of their queens or installation of bishops! Reason she says why the platform (floor area) was widened, though they had to retain the form and structure of the canopy, so as not to lose its historical significance. Bright!

I liked the part where she told me the thing was originally movable therefore could stand earthquakes. As my lowly brain found it hard to picture her descriptions, I asked if she had at least a photo or a drawing that I can see. That got her also wondering and told me she realizes she actually needs it and will ask the engineering office to give her something! Well, I would suppose the base was ball-like and just supported by pegs to become stationary. I think hehe!


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