Friday, February 24, 2012

Manuel Roxas Monument

From the ancestral house I emerged out on the plaza again heading for the bridge. But I saw another thing.

Still part of the plaza, just across the bandstand, I stumbled upon this silent and uncentral monument. Yes it is of the late Manuel Acuna Roxas, the 5th president of this country and the shortest-serving, if I recall my high school history correctly! But he was (I think) the first-ever bar top-notcher in this country too, since he aced the very first bar-exams to be conducted. This monument is on the western edge of the plaza almost directly opposite the capitol far across but just about 3 blocks front of his ancestral residence. I like it though that behind this monument is a residential area, and facing his back is a big wooden old-era house that has been converted to what is now the Plaza Central Inn.

I saw a musem, let’s go there?!


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